Used Appliances

What Appliances Do We Sell?

As an appliance outlet we sell two different types of discount appliances:

Reconditioned Appliances

Reconditioned Appliances

Scratch and Dent

Scratch and Dent

What Kind of Appliances Are Used?

  • Appliances hauled away when new ones ordered
  • Appliances that needed minor to more extensive repairs
  • Appliances that the customer deemed not worth it to fix, but are repairable
  • Appliances from people who are moving and don’t need them

What Kind of Appliances Are Scratch and Dent?

  • Display or floor models
  • Customer returns or exchanges
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Wrong color
  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Overstock and discontinued items
  • Wrong appliance, color, or size ordered
  • Customer rejected on delivery
  • Cancelled orders, buyer’s remorse
  • Minor repairs needed
  • Cancelled orders

Reconditioned appliances include an In-house Limited Parts and Labor Warranty*
*Warranty terms and conditions vary. Call 406-598-3590 or click here for details.

Reconditioned Appliances

We put our appliances through a 6-step appliance processing center where
appliances are fully reconditioned to excellent working condition.

  • Step 1: Qualifying

    First, we select appliances that were originally a good product and are in fair cosmetic condition

  • Step 2: Prep

    Every appliance is disassembled by our experienced field techs for general and preventative maintenance

  • Step 3: Testing

    Our processing center has been outfitted to systematically test water, electricity, gas, and temperatures

  • Step 4: Repair

    Our four field-experienced techs expertly repair and recondition the appliances to working order

  • Step 5: Detail & Sanitize

    Our specialists follow strict cleaning, detailing, and sanitation policies to give our customers a clean appliances

  • Step 6: Quality Control

    The final stop is our quality control team who inspects all appliances before putting them into our inventory