Purchase Terms

  • We will call you within 24 hrs. to schedule delivery/haul away, or within 48 hrs. on a weekend.
  • Please review the warranty below prior to purchase.
  • We do not test or warranty any water or ice maker parts.
  • No returns
  • Delivery may incur additional charges if we run into obstacles like tight doorways or unusual circumstances.
  • In the event of the customer mis-measuring or mis-ordering we charge a $50 restocking fee.

Appliance Delivery and Handling Fees
Actual fees will be assessed when we contact you to make delivery arrangements.

We delivery to the following zip codes: 59101, 59102, 59103, 59105, 59106, 59112, 59044, 59079. Certain zip codes have a mileage fee.

The following handling fees may also apply. This fee structure is approximate:

  • Stove- $65
  • Washer- $75
  • Dryer- $65
  • Washer & Dryer- $135
  • Fridge top or bottom mount- $75 (with haul- $95)
  • Fridge side by side or french door- $105 (with haul- $125)
  • Freezer- $70 (with haul- $90)

Our Warranty

Each appliance is sold AS IS and carries a 60-day limited warranty Starting from the date of the purchase. 

There are no refunds or exchanges.

Mitchell Appliance Repair shall repair or refund the appliance, at our discretion, within the 60-day limited warranty period.

Functions of the appliances that are warrantied are as follows: washers should fill with water, agitate, spin and drain; dryers should tumble and heat, and door switch and timer should work properly; stove range clocks turn on, burners and bake/broiler elements heat, fridges will turn on, cool and freeze water for 24 hrs. 

The ice maker, water dispenser, water filter, water lines and water valves are not tested prior to purchase and are not warrantied under any circumstances. 

If customer requests warranty service and the problem is caused by the customer, such as a clogged drain, improperly installed water hose, un-level appliance, blown circuit breaker, etc, then customer will be responsible for the service call charges. 

Items such as: self-cleaning mode, leveling legs, broken shelves, cosmetic items, ice makers and water dispensers, fill hoses, and any item resulting from customer’s misuse are not covered under this warranty.

If customer transports the appliance, Mitchell Appliance is not responsible for any damage during transport.

Warranty is void if customer takes appliance outside of Billings, Lockwood, Laurel, Shepard & Huntley. If the appliance is brought to the shop, we will honor the 60 day limited warranty.