Pickup & Delivery

Appliance Pickup and Delivery

Those appliances can be difficult to remove from your place unless you have the muscles and right vehicle to do it. Let us take care of it for you!

And if you buy an appliance from Mitchell, we offer delivery for a reasonable rate.

Do You Have an Appliance You Don’t Want?

  • Appliance pick up

    We pick up your appliances for a small fee. If you have an appliance you no longer want, call us, and we will haul it away for you. You will need to make an appointment for pickup and have it ready for us to haul away.

  • Reconditioning

    Where do they go? We take them back to our shop and test them to see if they can be reconditioned. If they can’t, we recycle the materials and reuse some parts to repair others.

  • We buy used

    We pay for machines too! If you bring it to our shop at 201 North 15th Street, we will pay for it and give you more money than you would get at a recycling center.

  • Cash for used appliances

    How much do we pay? We will pay cash for your used appliance, and payment amount is based on condition and need. If you take it in to a recycling center, you will only get $5 or a bit more.

Buy an Appliance From Us and Get It Delivered

  • Quality used appliances

    Need a quality used or never-used appliance? We have all kinds of reconditioned used appliances (learn more) or scratch and dent appliances (learn more), and we offer you a way to get it home.

  • Appliance delivery

    How does delivery work? We set up appointments for delivery so you can count on a time for it to arrive. Our professional movers will move it into your house and will hook it up for you.

  • Affordable delivery

    What does it cost? Delivery costs vary according to distance we are traveling and other conditions. We will quote you a price when you call.

  • Scheduled delivery times

    How do i do it? After you purchase an appliance from Mitchell, we will set up a time to deliver. The cost will be added to your total purchase price.